Against corruption

Against corruption
This is time for against together. Why? Because the corruption is dominating to our county. Its affected our economy developing factors and also we are mentally affected for against corruption.sincere workers very feeling about culprit. Our nation having lot of nature sources, but we want to move developed country. Because our country affected by corruption. More than 75% culprit is politician, those only controlled, managed in our country, those got all the benefits and enjoyed .all are great escape against punishment. Why?
Our India low only control to poor peoples
Not against rich peoples and politicians?
Greatest weakness in the anti-corruption regime?
1. CBI etc being extensions of the govt
2. No watch-dog for corrupt politicians
3. Judicial delays
4. Sanction needed to prosecute ministers/bureaucrats
5. Corruption accused can fight elections.
Most needed to fight corruption?
1. Increased punishment
2. Recovery of losses from the corrupt
3. Watchdog with prosecution powers.
4. Insulate investigations from outside influence
-survey by the times of India
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